Replace Plastic Marketplace goal is to engage Coastal communities to create livelihood opportunities by recovering ocean-bound plastics for mitigating Ocean Bound Plastics 

Waste workers in Costal regions

Volunteers & NGO groups in Coastal regions

Certified Recyclers in Coastal regions

Who can SELL

Recover the Ocean Bound plastics in coastal regions and sell to recyclers & brands to generate Income

Income Generation

Get your costal communities cleaned by recovering Ocean bound plastics time to time as well be part of the mission of protecting our Oceans

Mission Mode

Now coastal communities can work collectively to recover Ocean Bound plastics and  can create many Livelihood opportunities 

Create Livelihood 

Now you can easily Sale your recovered Ocean-Bound plastics  using our online marketplace

Sale Online

Using our Marketplace platform can help you collect payments easily & monitor your product sales through our Seller Dashboard 

Sales Management

Accept bulk orders from our B2B Buyers, increase your Sales exponentially 

Sell in Bulk


Types of Materials to Recover & Sell 

Ocean-Bound LDPE Plastics

Ocean-Bound LDPE Plastics

Ocean-Bound PET Plastics

Ocean-Bound PVC Plastics

Ocean-Bound PP Plastics

Ocean-Bound Multi-layer Plastics




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