Replace Plastic Marketplace goal is to engage Ethica & environmental Corporates to support Mitigation of Oceanic Plastic Pollution by using Recycled ocean-bound plastics to make valuable & reusable products & thus will support coastal regions through Livelihood generation

Ethical Corporates 

EPR Eligible Companies

Circular Economy Companies


By recovering ocean-bound plastic your organization will be part of the movement of mitigation of Oceanic Plastic Pollution

Mitigate Oceanic

Plastic Pollution

The Recovered Plastic can be recycled and used in your products and make your Products more purposeful

Use Recycled

Ocean-bound Plastic

By recovering and using the recycled ocean-bound plastic, your company is enabling Circular Economy 

Enable Circular Economy in your Company

By mitigation of Oceanic Plastic Pollution and making the reusable products from Ocean-bound Plastics, you are creating a value & trust among your Costumers

Costumer Good WIll

By supporting mitigation of Oceanic Plastic Pollution, we can create more livelihood opportunities for women in coastal communities 

Support Livelihood Creation

Now you can make bulk orders and get the ocean-bound plastics in bulk quantities as per the requirements 

Buy in Bulk

Tracking your Orders made easy. Buyers can also make customized delivery based on the Requirements 

Tracking & Delivery




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