Mitigating oceanic plastic pollution

Our Mission:

To mitigate Oceanic Plastic pollution by enabling a Circular Economy  supply chain to recover the Ocean bound Plastics to recycle & to reuse the recycled plastics to make valuable & reusable products in collaboration with Brands & Coastal communities

Our Vision:

A world with a responsible production & consumption of Plastics

Problem Addressing:

Plastic has been one of the most useful resources on the planet, it's a miracle material but unfortunately in the due course of using plastics, we didn't enable the responsible production of plastics as the responsible supply chain for recovery and recycling of plastic waste. Only 2% of plastic gets effectively recycled.


This inefficient model led to plastic pollution which has been increasing and it’s destroying our oceans and killing our marine life and hampering the blue economy. Plastic pollution is also making life more vulnerable to coastal communities. Recovering and reclaiming plastics from oceans is formidable & economically non-viable because of the non-availability of proven technologies. It’s an arduous challenge for both developing and developed countries.




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