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Creating a Circular Value Chain for ocean-bound Plastics

About us

Replace Plastic is a circular economy based Marketplace to Recover, Recycle &  trade Recycled Ocean bound Plastic to mitigate Oceanic Plastic Pollution. The Marketplace enables coastal communities to recover the ocean-bound plastics and sell to recyclers & Corporates. Further, the Ocean-bound Plastics are Recycled to build valuable & reusable products 



  1. Easy Recovery or Procurement of Ocean bound plastic waste & recycled granules  

  2. Trusted Procurement from Verified Sellers

  3. Assistance in Procurement/Recovery

  4. Transparency & traceability on source of Ocean-Bound Plastics

  5. You will support livelihood opportunities in Costal regions


  1. Online Channel to market and sell Ocean Bound Plastic Waste & Recycled Granules 

  2. Sell Ocean bound Plastic waste to ethical Companies 

  3. Sale Nationally in Bulk Quantities 

  4. Create livelihood opportunities in Coastal  communities 

  5. Be part of the Mitigation of OceanIc Plastic Pollution

Types of Materials 

Mixed Ocean-Bound


Seggerated Ocean-bound Plastics(HDPE, LDPE, PPM PVC)

Ocean-bound Recycled Plastics granules 

Products in the Marketplace

Ocean-Bound LDPE Plastics

Ocean-Bound LDPE Plastics

Ocean-Bound PET Plastics

Ocean-Bound PVC Plastics

Ocean-Bound PP Plastics

Ocean-Bound Multi-layer Plastics




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